TPA North America Inc.


PARKTRAC is manufacturerd by Vialis b.v. which is a leading supplier of Automated Pay-on-Foot parking systems in The Netherlands.  Vialis develops and produces equipment and services for Traffic, Parking and Intelligent Mobility Services.  All systems are based on the same core technology and can work in conjunction with each other.  Parktrac can be seamlessly combined with parking guidance and information systems, and is the next generation in automated and profitable parking facility operations.

Parktrac's Success Factors


Reliability: a parking system must provide stable operation under all circumstances.  It is vital that the parking system continues to work perfectly, especially during peak periods.


Quality: critical system components must be designed and selected with the objective to guarantee many years of trouble-free operation.  On-site maintenance must be provided quickly and effectively.


Ease of use: parking systems must be intuitive and straightforward both for the parking public and the administrator.  After all, parking is not a goal in itself but rather a link in the mobility chain.  Simple operation eliminates unnecessary questions, reduces the need for enforcement and ensures smooth traffic flows.


Total cost of ownership: it must be possible to expand a parking system and tailor it to the precise needs and wishes of clients and specific situations.  Sometimes extra provisions are desired; in other cases they are unnecessary.  A modular design caters to this need and leads to a favourable investment level.


For small and large facilities: Vialis-TPA has incorporated all these considerations into the design of the Parktrac product line. This parking system combines advanced product features with proven technology. This makes Parktrac a future-oriented parking solution for both small and extremely large parking locations.


Open standards: Parktrac is equipped with a management information system that offers virtually unlimited possibilities. All data are available in the form of tables, reports or graphs.  This information is important for policy development, but also to control or integrate external systems via the Parktrac backoffice interface.

Parktrac makes use of the standard TCP/IP protocol down to the substation level. This makes IP communication with digital intercoms (IoIP), webcams and electronic payment systems a simple procedure. TCP/IP also makes it possible to use standard cable connections, such as Cat5 cables, fibre glass or power line communication (TCP/IP via the 110-230 V mains power wiring).