TPA North America Inc.

TPA North America Inc.

TPA North America Inc. (TPANA) was founded in 2005.  The company addresses two markets:  Parking Automation and Traffic/Intelligent Transportation Systems.  

Since 2009, TPANA is the dominant supplier of Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring Systems in the Canadian marketplace.


TPANA has four areas of expertise in Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring.   

1) Real-time travel time monitoring: This information is used to provide travel time information to motorist and traffic managers.

2) Border Wait Time measurements:  Bluetooth Traffic Monitors provide data to allow accurate measurement of border crossing times.  

3) Work Zone solutions:  TPANA provides an innovative solution for collecting travel time data in work zones and displaying it on Portable Variable Message signs.   

4) Origin-destination and Travel time: The company has pioneered the use of Bluetooth Traffic Monitors for origin-destination and travel time studies in Canada. It has participated in major projects in Calgary, BC Lower Mainland, Edmonton-Calgary-Banff corridor, Fort McMurray, Toronto and Montreal.

In addition to the Canadian marketplace, TPANA has sold Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring solutions in Brazil,  France, England, Spain, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Hong Kong.

TPANA is the Canadian distributor for the Parktrac products manufactured by Vialis bv of The Netherlands.